I went back and forth, hemmed and hawed on whether I should use the term millennial doctor to identify with.  Technically I am in the millennial age group, but I remember life without social media and Facebook so this couldn’t be a true millennial blog.  Technically I am also a doctor, working as a primary care physician a few years out into private practice.  But did I really want to create something that only resonated with doctors?

After a lot of self-doubt I finally committed, mostly because I couldn’t post the blog until I decided on a name, and also because it’s just kinda catchy and the domain name hadn’t been taken yet!  Yes, I’m a millennial so I’ll probably be too philosophical, and terms such as adulting, AF and perhaps even some hashtags will make an appearance, once I figure out exactly how one uses these.  And yes, I’m a doctor so I will probably talk a lot about things that come up in my day to day clinic, personal finance in reference to student loans and such and inevitably, some first world problems.

At the end of the day, I’m really just doing this for myself as an attempt to “diversify my identify” à la Mark Manson, one of my favourite authors.  This is my personal experiment to explore life outside of being a doctor, because let’s face it – that’s been an all-consuming part of my identify for a third of my life.  I would love to add more identifiers as I go along but for now, this is where I start.

Thanks for coming and may this be of benefit.


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